Video Cards: A whole new way to capture your audience’s attention


Video Cards: A whole new way to capture your audience’s attention


hese days, getting anyone to pay attention to your brand amidst all the noise out there is a challenge. And it’s not going to get any easier as the internet and your inbox gets more and more cluttered with messages.

But what if there was a way to capture your prospect’s attention on a one-to-one, face-to-face level?

It’s now possible with the technology found in video cards. These high-impact pieces are like a small book and feature a built-in LCD screen with speakers that play your video when opened. We’ve found great success developing video cards for an array of different clients, especially C-suite execs who are notoriously hard to get ahold of.

Here are some top-line reasons to consider video cards for YOUR next client engagement.


1. They’re totally unique.
Imagine opening a card to discover a video playing inside. It’s a distinctive way to greet people using sights and sounds that’s a lot more engaging than sending an email or an ordinary direct mailer. It’s something your prospect or customer will want to share with their colleagues (which means even more eyes on the material) and maybe even post on social media.

2. They’re personalized.
Because you can create a video targeted to just one person instead of a YouTube video that needs to talk to everyone, video cards are a much better 1-to-1 communication tool. You can speak directly to your viewer while you have their undivided attention.

3. They’re worth keeping around.
Emails are easy to delete. Direct mail is easy to throw out. But who’s going to throw out an amazingly high-quality book with a video inside? No one. Video cards are made to last, and they can even be recharged so they never stop working.


Video cards now have TVR on the path to growing our business
with a number of our key customers.
Keith Washington, CEO, TVR Communications


4. They’re all about the brand, baby.
Because you can customize every aspect of your video as well as the messaging around it, you can create an experience that’s branded at every level. Videos can even be 10 minutes long if that’s what you need

We believe video cards have great impact and branding potential. Check out what one of our very own clients, Keith Washington, CEO of TVR Communications, has to say:

“TVR Communications is recognized as a long-term partner in hospitals with a complete service offering in interactive patient systems, but we have some challenges positioning our business as an innovator and communicating our vision to the right C-level audience. Working with Reposition on applications and tools such as video cards has allowed TVR to stand out as a partner that helps our customers achieve their goals in patient engagement. The team at Reposition has delivered creative ways to implement the video cards that now have TVR on the path to growing our business with a number of our key customers. The right combination of creativity and innovation provide compelling ways to make the best use of our time with our target C-level audience.”